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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

ESL dictionary translation game

This is a great game for building students vocabulary. It's a simple translation game that anyone can play. All the students need is a dictionary and an eagerness to play!

How to play

Divide the students up into small groups / teams. Get yourself a stop watch and a list of words in the students own language. You'll of course have to know the meanings of these words in English!

Now read out the first word and put the stopwatch on the kids. Shout start, you could give them a minute. The first team to call out the correct translation in English will get a point. You can add more tension to this game by knocking off some time that way they'll have to work faster.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Treasure hunt esl game

The kids really love this game and its very easy to set up. All you need is a bit of space for the kids to roam around a little!


1. Pre-prepare a few cards with simple instructions on them. For example. Give the first card to a group of kids, they open it up and read something like... Go to the window on the ground floor and look under the table there.

2. The kids all go down to the window on the ground floor look under the table and voila they find another card with more instructions on it. Go outside to the back of the building and look next to the big tree. They then do this and find yet another card with yet more instructions on it.

3. You can send the kids as far or as near as you want, but at the end of it all there must be some kind of reward / treasure! It could be some sweets or something, that's really up to you!

Good luck with treasure hunt!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blankety blank esl classroom game

This is one game modeled off an old 70s uk tv program called blankety blank. I'ts quite easy to play and is good for revising what you've already taught the students.

1. Make a list of English phrases that you've already taught. Eg. Yesterday I learned English at school. You need a few good phrases. Then put the students into teams, team A team B etc.

2.Next write a list of words on the board from your sentences. Eg. Learned

3.Now read out your English sentences slowly to the students. E.g Yesterday I BLANK at school!

4. Insert the word BLANK in place of the word LEARNED here.

5.The first team to shout out the correct phrase with the correct word in place get a point. Eg yesterday I learned English at school.

You could easily make this game harder by not writing the missing English words on the board or simply by making more blanks in your phrases.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

What am I saying esl mime game

Another very simple but highly effective idea for the esl classroom. Great game that you can use to review previously taught vocabulary.

How to play

1. Write down a list of phrases that you have previously taught your students. Eg: I want o go to the cinema, I like walking and running, I like to watch football on tv.

2. Split the class into teams, team A, team B etc.

3. Stand in front of the class and mime the sentences very slowly without making any noise.

4. The first team to repeat the phrase you have mimed with your mouth are the winners.

5. You can give or deduct points for accuracy etc.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The dictionary esl classroom game

Another very simple game, easy for the students to grasp and to play this game you only need a few Thai English dictionaries at hand.

1. Split students up in to small groups and give them a dictionary between the group.

2. Have a dictionary yourself and then call out words in Thai that the students don't know.

3. The students will have to quickly look up the correct word in English and call it out.

4. You can mark students upon pronunciation accuracy if you want or just give them points for being first.

Kids love this esl game and it makes for great fun in the classroom.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Color esl game for kids

Teaching younger kids colors can be easy and fun and this simple technique / esl game will prove it!

Playing the game part 1

1. Pre-teach colors to your kids. Black, blue, yellow, red, green, brown etc

2. Then split the kids into two teams, for example team A and team B.

3. Have some colors already by hand. A pack of color flash cards would be great for this.

4. Hold up cards at random, the first team to call out the right answer gets a point.

Part 2

Some colors might not have stuck so well in the kids heads for example they might be having trouble with colors like purple, grey and light + dark colors.

1. Take some of the colored flash cards the kids were having trouble with or wern't sure of and stick them randomly all around the classroom on the walls.

2. Have the two teams get up and then you call out a color.

3. The first team to get to the color and call out it's name get a point.

4. Continue until you've run out of cards.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Reverse sentence esl kids game

Here's another amazingly simple but highly effective and fun game you can use with your students, any level!

It's great for reviewing what you've taught in previous lessons and the kids love it!

1. Prep up first, make a list of what you've previously taught, phrases, sentences etc

2. Write down a few sentences... I come from England, My name is John etc

3. Then reverse them... England I from come, is name my John.

4. Split the kids into two teams, Team A and Team B.

5. The shout out one of the above sentences you've already prepared... England I from come!

6. The first team to rearrange the sentence correctly and shout out the right answer are the winners... I come from England!
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